Airdrops are the fastest way to earn free crypto tokens in a crypto project and rewards from airdrops could range from $1 to $10,000 worth of crypto assets.
Airdrops offer investors and crypto users a chance to participate in a crypto project while standing a chance of earning free tokens for their efforts. 
Airdrops are used by Crypto project owners as a marketing gimmick to onboard new members, Grow the project’s user base, and create awareness. 
There are many promising Airdrop campaigns to watch out for this month of June.
We selected the 5 most promising Airdrop campaigns from Coindoo’s list happening this month to be mindful of and participate in.

Arena Games Airdrop
Arena Games is a Web 3 project that falls under the gaming category. The project combines traditional gaming with the Gamefi sector of the crypto space. The project provides game developers and players the opportunity to manage their digital assets, mint Non-fungible tokens and improve the overall user experience of gaming.

The native token of the Arena games ecosystem is called the AGP and it is an important component of the project used for various activities.
The Arena Airdrop campaign allows its participants to earn over 10 million free AGP tokens.
Participants are only expected to complete specific tasks within the Arena ecosystem to be eligible to earn airdrops.
The airdrop campaign is slated to end on the 7th of June.

Starknet Airdrop
Starknet is a secondary network on the Ethereum blockchain which is committed to massively scaling up Decentralized apps without affecting the security and compatibility of the Ethereum blockchain.
The team behind the project is preparing to launch the inaugural phase of a very important program in the Starknet ecosystem so it is launching an airdrop campaign to promote it.
The airdrop campaign will give participants the opportunity to earn from a pool of 700 million Starknet tokens. The Starknet tokens would be distributed to some 1.3 million addresses of eligible participants after the airdrop.

Nexo Airdrop campaign
Nexo is the world’s largest lending platform and a huge player in the global fintech space.
Nexo is organizing an airdrop campaign to promote its services and has set aside 10 million Nexo tokens for the campaign.
Participants must complete various tasks like funding their account, swapping or borrowing to be eligible.
Engagers of the campaign will earn according to the level of their engagement.

Ouinex aims to cut a niche for itself in the cryptocurrency market by blending conventional finance with cryptocurrency trading. The crypto project was designed by finance professionals to give traders an avenue to integrate their crypto assets into the traditional market.
The team behind the project has set aside 30 OUIX tokens to reward participants who complete Simple tasks in the ecosystem. The campaign is ending on June 20.

CAGA Airdrop campaign
CAGA is a stand-alone layer 1 network designed to create a trusted environment for the execution of transactions. CAGA is promoting its services and users are encouraged to explore decentralized governance with developer-friendly tools.
Caga is currently airdropping 1 billion Caga tokens to participants of its airdrop campaign.
The airdrop campaign will end on the 12th of June.
There are two broad categories of Airdrops, and they are free airdrops and paid airdrops. Free Airdrops give participants the chance to earn free crypto tokens by completing tasks and engaging in the crypto project. Paid airdrop campaigns require users to stake some tokens to become eligible for rewards. 

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