Cosharis Technologies, a subsidiary of Coscharis Motors, has launched its tech academy with the goal of bridging the skill gap in Nigeria.

The company on Thursday said it is in partnership with two international including the NCC in UK, and Konic Media, an Indian ICT skill grooming company to ensure that participants at the academy get the best quality education they need for the 21st-century workplace. The academy is also affiliated with about 45 universities via NCC education. There will be certifications as well as BSC for successful students of the academy.

Cosmas Maduka, Chairman Coscharis Motors, said the academy is an effort by the group organisation to give back to society by empowering young people with the skills they need to be competitive.

Emomine Mukoro, managing director, Coscharis Technologies, said the academy has been an idea conceived many years ago, that has now come to fruition. According to him, the academy would accept applications from anyone who can read and write.

“We are not looking for PhD holders alone. We will start with those who can read and write. We want to start building technology in the minds of our young ones,” Mukoro said.

Participants are at liberty to choose any form of certification they want to complete. Securing the licence from foreign institutions costs millions of dollars. Students are expected to pay a fee for the courses.

Mukoro said the knowledge the academy will transfer to the students has the potential to transform the economy as well given that the empowered students would go on to create new jobs or take up technical positions that organisations are not able to fill before now. It is also critical for Nigeria to channel its focus on technology adoption given that the oil revenue of the country remains unsustainable and responsible for much of the volatility and inflation across the sectors.

“When you want to increase your economy today, you have to look at technology. Look at how AI is changing the landscape. Nigeria cannot be left out and we know there is a knowledge gap and that is what we are going to close,” Mukoro said.

He also describes the academy as a one-stop shop where every aspect of knowledge can be acquired.

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