Goldberg Premium Lager Beer, from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc, is thrilled to celebrate its successful sponsorship of the prestigious Ojude Oba Festival 2023 held in Ijebu Ode. As a brand deeply committed to preserving and promoting Yoruba cultural heritage, Goldberg Premium Lager Beer showcased its unwavering support for this iconic event, leaving an indelible mark on the festivities through undiluted enjoyment.

The Ojude Oba Festival, renowned for its grandeur and rich cultural significance, drew in a diverse audience from far and wide. Against the backdrop of colorful attires, rhythmic drumming, and captivating performances, Goldberg Lager Beer stood as a beacon of tradition and enjoyment, truly embodying the spirit of the festival.

Over the years, Goldberg has cemented its footprint as a brand that rewards hard work which is one of the ultimate values of ‘’Omoluabi’’ through different initiatives such as Isedowo, Takeover Parties, and musical talent show, Ariya Omoluabi.

Watch Ojude Oba here:

Recognizing the incredible opportunity that the festival brings, the brand offered tailored activations and exclusive discounts to local businesses dealing in NB products, providing them with an opportunity to thrive and flourish.

Kunle Aroyehun, Senior Brand Manager, Goldberg Premium Lager Beer, expressed his pride and gratitude for the brand’s involvement, stating, “We are honored to be part of Ojude Oba Festival 2023. Goldberg Lager Beer has always been deeply rooted in celebrating Yoruba cultural heritage, and hardworking individuals, and this festival provided the perfect platform to do so. We are proud to have contributed to the preservation of our traditions while bringing joy to festival-goers through our activations and performances.”

By aligning itself with such significant cultural events, Goldberg Lager Beer continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing and promoting Yoruba’s diverse heritage.

Goldberg Premium Lager Beer from the stables Nigerian Breweries Plc which has won numerous awards and most recently an international award for quality “Monde Gold Quality Awards 2023” continues to deliver great experiences to consumers within the shores of Nigeria & beyond. The brand has been a major sponsor of cultural festivals in Yorubaland including Osun Osogbo, Udiroko, Oranyan, Ojude Oba, Olojo thereby making a positive impact on the country’s economy.

The brand’s commitment to celebrating Yoruba culture remains unwavering, and it looks forward to future opportunities to support and engage with vibrant communities.

Source: Daily Post

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