The Wives Roundtable Foundation and The Coca-Cola Foundation have partnered to launch the Digital Academy for Female Entrepreneurs project, an initiative aimed at empowering women through digital literacy training.

The recently concluded 12-week programme, held in Lagos State, celebrated the accomplishments of over 500 female entrepreneurs who participated in the project, showcasing their increased digital knowledge and economic advancements.

Founder and Programme Director of the Wives Roundtable Foundation, Amaka Chibuzo-Obi, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Chibuzo-Obi emphasised the importance of providing easy-to-understand technological concepts and digital literacy training to middle-aged women, making their businesses experience increased sales, growth, and improved living standards.

Recognising the urgent need to bridge the digital literacy gap and foster gender inclusivity, the D.A.F.E. project targeted female entrepreneurs aged 18 to 60 in Surulere, Lagos. Supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation’s funding, the programme provided comprehensive training in social media basics, strategies, and digital marketing, equipping women with the necessary tools to amplify their voices, challenge stereotypes, and drive societal change through online platforms.

From March 2nd to May 31st, 528 women entrepreneurs engaged in a combination of physical and virtual classes led by dedicated instructors.

These classes provided a supportive environment for effective learning, enabling participants to gain confidence in the digital space. The impact of the programme was significant, with 40% of previously digitally illiterate participants now feeling comfortable navigating the digital landscape. Moreover, 60% of the women reported online sales growth and expanded their digital knowledge, transforming their businesses in the process.

The event underscored The Coca-Cola Foundation’s commitment to economic progress and gender inclusion, highlighting the transformative influence of technology on women-owned enterprises.

This partnership between the Wives Roundtable Foundation and The Coca-Cola Foundation signifies a significant step towards enhancing the quality of life for low-income female entrepreneurs through digital literacy.

With its ongoing commitment to sustainable access to safe water, climate resilience, the circular economy, economic empowerment, and causes impacting local communities, The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded grants totalling over $1.5 billion since its inception in 1984. Through initiatives like the D.A.F.E. project, the Foundation continues to create opportunities for individuals and communities to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

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