Coca-Cola has unveiled a new summer music campaign aimed at tapping into the spirit of the season and providing fans with a unique musical experience. The campaign, tagged “Summer Soundtrack,” is set to feature a lineup of world-class artists and a range of exclusive content that will be made available across various channels.

As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola has partnered with several artists to create a unique mix of music tracks that reflect the different moods and vibes of summer. The company has also created a new playlist on its digital platforms, where fans can access the latest music releases and exclusive content from their favorite artists.

Grammy-winning artist Jon Batiste serves as the musical conductor for this summer’s Coke Studio program. The keyboardist, singer and composer wrote an uplifting song called, “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” featuring Latin Grammy-winner Camilo from Colombia, K-Pop breakout group Newjeans, American rapper J.I.D and chart-topping British singer-songwriter Cat Burns.

Joshua Burke, head of Global Music and Culture Marketing, Coca-Cola company said; “Jon is a multifaceted artist who truly embodies the concept of ‘collision’ through his music.

“He is a powerhouse musician who writes and creates genre-and geography-spanning music. His spirit is grounded in the belief that music has the power to unite and connect people, which is the essence of Coke Studio. And he happens to be a great guy with an infectious energy.

Joshua Burke continued, “Be Who You Are (Real Magic)” inspires listeners to both stay true to their authentic selves and embrace others’ differences.”

This summer, nine additional multi-artist Coke Studio collisions will feature superstars like Sam Smith and Imagine Dragons, as well as breakthrough artists from around the world, creating original tracks with the goal of connecting new audiences across borders – from bringing Indian artist to Latin America or hip-hop to Korea.

In addition to the music content, the campaign will also feature a series of interactive events, including music festivals, concerts, and social media activations. These events are designed to provide fans with an immersive experience and bring them closer to their favorite artists, Joshua Burke further remarked.

“The tracks will be released to global music fans on all music platforms in June and July. Fans can scan QR codes on Coca-Cola packaging, out of home advertising and point of-sale merchandising to enter the Coke Studio Digital Hub and access the collisions tracks, exclusive content, festival live streams, games and other immersive experiences.

According to Coca-Cola, the Summer Soundtrack campaign aligns with the brand’s mission to spread happiness and positivity among its consumers. The company hopes that the music campaign will help to inspire people around the world and encourage them to embrace the fun and excitement of the summer season.

“The Coca‑Cola Company’s global music marketing strategy has evolved to foster partnerships that benefit artists, fans and its brands alike. In the past, brands like Coca‑Cola have licensed songs for TV commercials, commissioned artists to write and record anthems for major campaigns, or signed endorsement deals with stars.

Burke said, “We work with the music industry more as partners to create elevated, music-driven content, storytelling and experiences that reflect how fans are consuming content and engaging with the music and artists they love.”

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